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Portable Gold Trommels Time To Step Up Your Gold Getting Game!
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  Portable Gold Trommel

Portable Gold Trommel Classifier Our Portable Gold Trommels gives you the tools they need to process more Pay Dirt. Legal In Every State our Manual Portable Gold Tommels uses no motors to drive the barrel. Quiet and Efficient, our Gold Trommels takes your prospecting up to the next level. Run Wet or Dry. When running Wet we suggest at least a 2000 Gallon Per Hour GPH 12 Volt Water Pump. Add your own Sluice Box or Purchase any number of Creekside Sluices available on this website. Up your Game at a Great Price.

$395 + s/h
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  Mountain Goat Gold Trommel

Mountain Goat Gold Trommel 32 inch length with hopper installed 16 inches wide at bottom 24 inches high with adjuster legs 16 pounds weight - very portable! 4 inch diameter barrel size Retractable metal legs adjusts to 3 heights 750 GPH pump included 2 yard daily capacity 5 gallons of water required Reverse helix system Step-by-step instructions included Works with Desert Fox Spiral Panner

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 Miner's Moss Order by Inch or Sheet

This blue Nomad Carpet from 3M, most commonly called Miner's Moss, has endless loops of rubber filaments perfect for catching and holding fine gold and heavy black sands. It loads up with fine heavies like a sponge and cleans up with a bit of vigorous stretching in a clean up tub full of water.
This is the blue variety of unbacked moss that shows off the gold well and works great on its own or over the top of ribbed rubber matting.
We sell our moss at 36" by X" increments with quantity setting the number of inches wide. Example: A quantity of 10 means you would like a piece of moss 10" x 36".

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 Deep V Ribbed Rubber Matting

Deep-V ribbed rubber matting, perfect for lining a sluice box to catch fine gold, four sizes to choose from: 12" x 24" for $10.95, 12" x 48" for $16.95, 18" x 48" for $23.95, 24" x 48" for $27.95. (Usually ships within 2 business days.)

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 Standard Ribbed Rubber Matting

The perfect underlay to Nomad/miners moss, ribbed rubber matting catches fine gold and holds it for later inspection. Sold by the linear inch by 4 foot length. V-ribbed rubber matting sold per inch wide by 48 inches long. This matting has the finer ribs and grooves. (Usually ships within 2 business days.)

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Order By The Sheet