Hand Dredges by Yabby & Gold-n-Sand
A Hand Dredge by Yabby Gold or Gold-n-Sand is Perfect for The New & Seasoned Miners
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Yabby Gold Sucker Hand Dredge

The Yabby Gold Sucker Hand Dredge is one of the most powerful Hand Dredges on the market today. Initially developed by Austrian Fluid Engineers the product is licensed here in the states by Cool Gold Tools. Each stroke delivers almost 4 Times more material then the industry leading Gold Sucker. From the Inlet Restricter to the DIY Collection Hose the Yabby Gold Sucker allows you to customize this unit for your needs instead of charging you for unnecessary parts. Alomst 400,000 People Viewed our Yabby Gold Sucker Video Watch it Here!


   Gold-N-Sand Gold Hand Dredge

The Gold-N-Sand hand dredge pumps directly into a our bucket. Included with you Gold-N-Sand pump is: 6 foot hose, 2 gallon bucket and twist off "Gamma Lid". Gold-N-Sand valves are designed to allow maximum material movement and minimize clogs. Leather Suction Cups make a perfect seal. The inclued nozzles are a Sniper Nozzle, Bulk Sand Nozzle, Classifier Nozzle and 8 inch extension.