Dredge Nozzle for HighBankers & Sluices
Power Nozzles for Gold Dredges, HighBankers & Power Sluices also Dry Land Dredges
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Slice Box $64.95
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  Suction Nozzle for Gold Dredge, Highbanker & Power Sluice

This suction nozzle is precision manufactured from thin-wall plated steel tubing with machined orifices to create maximum suction. Ideal for shallow water dredging conditions.

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Creekside Mini Power Slice $205.95
Cool Gold Tools Creekside Mini Power Sluice Bundle include's a 32" Long x 6" Wide sluice, A 12 Volt Power Header Box 8" High x 6" Wide x 6" Long. This unit comes with an adjustble sluice stand and a 12 volt 800-gph pump and 4 feet of ¾ hose. Our Creekside Mini Power Sluice Header Box Bundles and the 800-gph 12-volt pump make this the perfect Bundle for New & Seasoned Prospectors.

Creekside 10" Power Sluice $310.95
Creekside 10" Power Sluice Box Power Bundels include's our Long Tom 48" Long x 10" Wide sluice box wtih a 12" Long x 10" Wide x 6" High header box. This Power Sluice Bundle comes complete with a stand, 12 volt 1200-gph pump, 6 foot of 1 ⅛ hose. Our Creekside Power Sluice Box Bundle is a good Hi-volume power sluice. Use it as a sluice or a highbanker.

Highbanker Dredge Combo $759.95
Our Cool Gold Tools Highbanker Dredge Combo Includes our 48" Long Tom Sluice Box with adjustable Legs. Our Highbanker Dredge Combo Hopper includes a 1 ½" dredge inlet. A 2.5 HP Pump 25 feet of 1 ½ inch Nylobraid Hose. You will also get 6 feet of Suction Hose and 5 feet of cleanup hose. This unit will have to be shipped in three separate boxes. Convert to a Dredge with an additional pump and power nozzle sold separately.

10" Single Sheet Miners Carpet $10.95
6" Double Sheet Miners Carpet $12.95

10" Single Sheet Rubber V Matting $9.95
6" Double Sheet Rubber V Matting $10.95